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The chromotherapy

…a shower of colors

The chromotherapy, or color therapy, is an ancient therapeutic method rediscovered by our Western civilization and it uses the change in the color of light and allows “vibrations”, that are generated in the body, to become “vibrations of health”.
The red color gives off a very hot energy;  it is associated with strength, health and vitality and it represents fire, happiness and passion.
The orange color acts on the body and mind and it integrates and distributes energy, inducing serenity, enthusiasm, happiness, love of life, optimism, physical and mental synergy.
The yellow color is associated with the left side of brain and, in general, with the intellectual side, with effects of stimulation and help in the study. It is considered a protective and concrete color and it helps those who are too open or creative; it is associated with happiness, wisdom and imagination. This color is the generator of good mood.
The green, the fundamental color of nature, is the color of harmony: it symbolizes hope, balance, peace and renewal. It is a neutral color, relaxing and it encourages reflection and calm.
The blue color is calming and refreshing. It has a calming effect on people too aggressive or impatient. The blue is a color that calms and makes you forget the problems of everyday; for this reason, the blue walls reassure.