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Our Wellness Centre “Smeraldo” is proud of its Whirlpool designed to give you the top of relax.
In a magical scene illuminated with art, air and water are combined in a relaxing and purifying jet, handing you back a strong body, a supple skin and a relaxed mind.
The synergy of these natural and precious elements urges the body in a gradual and steady way, improving cell metabolism and promoting drainage of excess fluids.
The gentle massage of the bubbles of air pushed by the flow of water in contact with the body, tighten the tissues in depth, tone the muscles, smooth the skin and wake up the blood circulation.
The geyser acts under the soles of the feet and spine giving a beneficial boost of energy.
The cervical waterfall – an evocative veil of water – removes fatigue and tension from neck and shoulders, with a soft and long massage.
Whirlpool has no contraindications, but you should not exceed 10/15 minutes per session and, in order to avoid a drop in blood pressure, the water temperature should not be above 36’/37’C.